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Full range of Chiropody and Podiatry treatments for all the family

 'The Chiropodist in Fulwell for over 25 years'

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Corns - Callus - Verrucae - Fungal Nails - Diabetic Footcare - Thickening Nails - Ingrowing Nails -

Nail Surgery Nail Reconstruction - Medical Pedicures - Biomechanical Assessment - Force Plate Analysis - Laser Treatment - Sport - Dance - Heel Pain - Orthotics - Insoles


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Body In Balance is a Chiropody/Podiatry practice. What affects the foot/feet can be due to or cause problems elsewhere in the body, by offering a range of treatments/therapies which address these problems and by adopting a holistic approach, a personalised treatment plan can be implemented which aims to keep you on your feet, relieve discomfort, maintain well being and encourage self help.


What is the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?


There is no difference. Chiropody is an old term. Podiatrist is a new term for this profession and is used all over the world. The profession of chipody/podiatry has developed over the years from the "misconception" that a chiropodist "just cuts toenails" into a graduate profession which encompasses all aspects  of health and disease affecting the lower limb. The podiatrist, diagnoses and treats a vast array of conditions from corns/callus, verrucas, ingrowing toenails, bunions, foot deformaties, foot strain, flat feet, heel pain to sports injuries, diabetic foot care and surgery."When your feet hurt, everything hurts!"

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A biomechnical assesment including footscan and gait analysis  will identify mal-alignments. Book now 10% off all assesments during march.

Where we are!

Body In Balance,

250 Fulwell Road

Sunderland. SR6 9EU

Tel:0191 5493696