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What qualifications does a Podiarist have?


Over the years as the profession has been developing there has been confusion, not only with the terms Chirpodist or Podiatrist, but also the training and qualifications. Chiropidist/Podiatrist is a protected title and only those who have the HPC registration are allowed to use these terms. There has always been a correspondence course in "Chiropody", people who have done these courses , use terms such as "Foot Health Practioner" or "Surgical Chiropodist". To check HPC registration you can go to the website www.hpc-uk.org. It is a legal requirement to be registered, also most insurance companies need your podiatrists HPC registration number.


Is Podiatry treatment free?

Some people can access  treatment from the NHS. Treatment is mainly available to priority groups based on medical needs such as diabetes, arthritic conditions, children. Depending on your GP, access will vary. Most people access the service of a private Podiatrist. Unfortunately unlike Dentists and Opticiians at present the government does not subsidise podiatrists. Fees vary but on average a "routine" treatment is between £20-£40. Here at Body In Balance  we offer  loyality schemes and through the year we have various promotions  to help with teatment costs.Most insurance companies will also reimburse fees fully or partially.